Ellen Hines Smith SC Legal Services Lawyer of the Year Nominations Open

It is a special time of year again, time to open nominations for the Ellen Hines Smith South Carolina Legal Services Attorney of the Year! Nominations will remain open until April 10, 2017.

Ellen Hines Smith was the founding director of Piedmont Legal Services. She served as a member of Spartanburg City Council and a municipal court judge. Her entire legal career was devoted to the creation and provision of legal services to the citizens of South Carolina. Her commitment and leadership were recognized both in South Carolina and across the nation.

To take a trip down memory lane, here is a list of past recipients:

1989 – Martha B. Dicus

1990 – Thomas L. Bruce

1991 – Johnny Simpson

1992 – Harold F. Daniels

1993 – Andrea E. Loney

1994 – Mozella Nicholson

1995 – Thomas A. Trent

1996 – Susan A. Cross

1997 – Angela M. Myers

1998 – Ethel E. Weinberg

1999 – Nancy M. Butler

2000 – Byron A. Reid

2001 – Lynn P. Wagner

2002 – Eddie McDonnell

2003 – Frank Cannon

2004 – Willie B. Heyward

2005 – Lynn Snowber-Marini

2007 – Marcia Powell-Shew

2009 – Maureen White

2010 – Susan J. Firimonte

2011 – Jack E. Cohoon

2012 – Kirby Mitchell

2013 – Kimberly Shelton

2014 – Kimaka Nichols-Graham

2015 – Susan P. Ingles

If you’re wondering about eligibility and criteria, we’re looking for one or more of the following:

  • Demonstrated dedication to the development and delivery of legal services to the poor through a Legal Services program;
  • Quality and creativity in the delivery of legal services to the poor;
  • Successful litigation that has benefited significant numbers of indigents or favorably affected the provision of other services to indigents or other innovative actions;
  • Commitment to the goals of Legal Services;
  • Other public service for the community or the Bar.

Click 2016 EHS for the nomination form.

Please email rwheeler@scbar.org with any questions.

Can’t wait to see the nominees!

~ rfw

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