How Rick Springfield brought Access to Justice into the Vernacular

You many remember reading about the Roadmap to Justice East Coast Symposium in October 2008. Or you may remember the Rick Springfield/TSA story. Either way, I’m pleased to announce that the efforts of the symposium paid off.

The Roadmap to Justice White Paper is now available for download.

From the website:

Please take a moment to download the recently issued white paper by Deborah L. Rhode and Dmitry Bam.  It explores the gap between principal and practice concerning access to justice, and what should be done to address it. Download the RTJ White Paper here.

Please share with anyone who may be interested.


Our Top Blog Stats in 2008

Drum Roll Please . . .



South Carolina Access to Justice Blog’s Top Posts in 2008:


  1. 391 views          About. Most blog readers are interested in learning more about an organization or the author, hence the most views. 
  2. 319 views          SCATJ brings Rick Springfield into TSA holding cell at Boston Logan. Star power sells. Thank goodness for serendipity and Rick Springfield and the Boston Logan TSA.
  3. 254 views          VOTE HERE – on Access to Justice. Elections matter in a presidential election year, especially when the presidential outcome will be historical no matter which candidate is elected – special thanks to Barack Obama & Joe Biden and John McCain & Sarah Palin.
  4. 230 views          Photos from the South Carolina Supreme Court Access to Justice Commission Public Hearing on November 5, 2008. People like photos. What’s that again – a picture is worth a 1,000 what? Oh yeah. Makes sense.
  5. 200 views           Shameless Plug 2.0. A little honesty never hurt anyone, right? And if there’s humor in the title, even better, right? Oh yeah, don’t forget the photos – see #4.
  6. 188 views            Resources. There is always a need for information and a RESOURCES page is chock full of info. Plus there may be a few readers checking to see if they’re on the list. Hey, I’m all about accuracy.
  7. 174 views            Photos. (see #4)
  8. 161 views             Contact Us. This one seems extremely logical. Who do I need to reach to complain? To exclaim? To congratulate? And for all of you who have contacted Stephanie Nye or me via phone or email, thanks.

And thank you for reading the blog. I was somewhat dubious when someone suggested a blog in order to help create interest in the South Carolina Access to Justice Commission and its upcoming website (thanks Jay Wingard of 18th Street Design who has wonderful PATIENCE while waiting for me to complete the web pages).


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I look forward to bringing you more news in 2009 about access to justice in South Carolina and around the nation and world.



SCATJ brings Rick Springfield into TSA holding cell at Boston Logan

Ok, this blog is dedicated to bringing access to justice to individuals unable to afford legal representation. But just this once, I’ve got to share a brush with celebrity.

This morning, as Stephanie Nye and I were leaving Boston, coming home from the Roadmap to Justice Project Symposium (yes, more information will be forthcoming), we waited in line to go through TSA as do all airline passengers. It just so happened that right behind me is rocker Rick Springfield. Normally this would be a simple celebrity sighting moment. I asked if we could have a photo with him once we were recombobulated – y’know, plastic bags back in place, shoes back on, etc. Well, then a simple bangle changed all that.

Stephanie was wearing a bangle on her arm. That caused the detector to go off. She was pulled aside. I pulled out my camera to take a photo and Rick Springfield moved in for a photo-op with Steph.

Stephanie Nye in the TSA holding pen, Rick Springfield holds his items at TSA
Stephanie Nye in the TSA holding pen, Rick Springfield holds his items at TSA

Then it happens. TSA officials pull Rick Springfield over into the holding cell. Wait, what?!? That’s right. Ok, at the time it wasn’t clear why but upon further reflection it could be that they thought that Steph could slip him whatever had triggered the alarm. So, he goes into the holding area.

Stephanie Nye and Rick Springfield held in holding area at Boston Logan TSA
Stephanie Nye and Rick Springfield held in holding area at Boston Logan TSA

So they both get body searches, BODY searches. I started to take a photo and stopped when TSA threatened to put me in the holding area. No more photos.

They laughed and had a good morning experience – at least there were smiles.

After, got 2 more photos.

Rick Springfield
Rick Springfield
Robin Wheeler, Rick Springfield, and Stephanei Nye
Robin Wheeler, Rick Springfield, and Stephanei Nye

Our brush with celebrity was exciting. Thanks Mr. Springfield for being such a great sport! And good job TSA!