ABA Survey Sayz: PRO BONO

ABA Report Entitled – A Report on the Pro

Bono Work of America’s Lawyers


What Top Factors Most Discouraged Pro Bono in the Past Year?

Survey Sayz:

  1. Lack of time

  2. Employer related issues 

  3. 27% said that  no one asked them to provide pro bono

  4. Cost of doing pro bono

  5. A perception of a lack of expertise

     What Factors Most ENCOURAGED Pro Bono in the Past Year?

    Survey Sayz:

  1. A wide range of volunteer opportunities from which to select

  2. Free training and CLE credit for services performed

  3. Encouraged by a judge to take a pro bono case

  4. Asked by a colleague to take a pro bono case

  5. Received administrative support for the engagement

  6. Received research support concerning the legal matter

  7. Matched with another attorney to share the work

  8. Mentored by an attorney specializing in the legal matter

  9. Permitted to define the scope of the engagement, such as handling a specific task, instead of a total representation of the client

  10. Approached by a pro bono organization to take a case

  11. Received free malpractice insurance for work related to the case

To read the report published by The ABA Standing Committee on Pro Bono and Public Service, click here.


SOUTH CAROLINA VOTERS: 2008 Election Site Survey

Most Americans agree that voting is a fundamental civil right. And with this year’s voting fever, it’s as much so as it ever has been.

So, dear South Carolinians, as you head to your voting site, please complete a simple survey (1 1/2 pages long) and email or mail it back to Protection and Advocacy for People with Disabilities, Inc. (P&A). It can make the difference between voting and voting discrimination.

The survey is found at http://www.protectionandadvocacy-sc.org/Polling%20Place%20Accessibility%20Survey.pdf. If you have questions, please CALL 1.866.275.7273 and ask for Kimberly Boozer.