Should 3Ls Provide Legal Representation: POLL

Read about a decision by the Ohio Supreme Court that allows 3rd year law students to represent Felony Defendants UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF A LICENSED ATTORNEY!

The Rule.

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Does this enhance access to justice? Or does it further disenfranchise people living in poverty?


PS – Thanks to Commissioner Rangeley Chewning for pointing out the Ohio article!

In Other News


Here are a few access to justice stories from around the nation today:

Out of Montana comes the question “What is the difference between simple access to the courts and access to justice?” It’s a good question and deserves discussion. To read more, click here.

Out of Texas comes news that the Texas Access to Justice Commission awarded the Texas Tech School of Law its first ever Law School Commitment to Service Award. Justice O’Neill specifically noted the School of Law’s clinical operations and pro bono work. To read more, click here.

Out of Ohio comes information that the Ohio Legal Assistance Foundation is going to track pro bono hours Ohio attorneys logged in 2008. The Supreme Court of Ohio announced last week a new program for attorneys to voluntarily report their pro bono activities. To read more, click here.