Answering FAQs: It’s Harder than You Think!


The SC Access to Justice Commission has been working with the Clerk of Court Work Group to develop answers to Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs. These FAQs have taken considerably more time to complete than I had originally thought.


Because the Clerks, Court Administration and the Commission want to make certain that the information we provide to the public is

  1. accurate,
  2. complete, and
  3. helpful.

In order to assure accuracy, we have reviewed the South Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure (SCRCP), the South Carolina Code as well as information provided by other states. Additionally, to ensure that the information is complete, we have researched case law and publications, such as “Service of Process in South Carolina” by John S. Nichols and published by the SC Bar.

One other factor that is extremely important to the Clerks, Court Administration and the Commission is that the information is provided in an easy-to-read format and that it is easily understandable. In other words, we want them to be written in PLAIN LANGUAGE.

This week the Commission is submitting the Questions and Answers to the Circuit Court and Family Court Advisory Committees where they will provide another level of scrutiny to ensure that the answers are accurate, complete and helpful.

When the FAQs with their model answers are complete, they will be available online. Be stay tuned for updates.

We’re looking forward to sharing the FAQs and answers with you!