Congratulations Vickie Eslinger!

In case you haven’t already heard, SC Appleseed Legal Justice Center has named Columbia attorney Victoria L. Eslinger as their 2009 Advocate of the Year!

Advocate of the Year award is awarded each year to an advocate within the South Carolina legal community who provides a strong voice for low-income children and families.

Congratulations Ms. Eslinger!

For details on the Award Event, visit


Friday Resource: SC Appleseed Legal Justice Center

Friday Resource - SC Appleseed Legal Justice Center
Friday Resource - SC Appleseed Legal Justice Center

In South Carolina, when you think of poverty law and advocacy, you often think of  the SC Appleseed Legal Justice Center.

What you may not know is that SC Appleseed also publishes brochures, manuals and pamphlets for South Carolinians. Like the SCATJ Commission, SC Appleseed is a fan of PLAIN LANGUAGE and has some material available in Spanish (en español).


Tune In TONIGHT and Tomorrow Morning

The Big Picture is once again featuring a topic of interest to South Carolinians in the civil justice community. This week’s topic is The Working Poor.

For the program, Mark Quinn, the host of The Big Picture, interviewed prestigious guests such as Rep. Gilda Cobb-Hunter, Sue Berkowitz of SC Appleseed Legal Justice Center and Dr. Adolphus Belk of Winthrop University.

TV Air Date: TONIGHT: Thursday – August 06, 2009 at 7:30 pm

Every Friday morning “The Big Picture on the Radio” airs on ETV Radio. Discussion focuses the television topic of the week amongst other timely subjects. Be sure to check ‘The Big Picture’ homepage each Friday afternoon to tune in live starting at 1:00 p.m.

TV repeats of Thursdays broadcast will air each Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and again on Sunday at 1:00 p.m.


SC Appleseed in the NEWS!

Another SC Access to Justice Commissioner has news or should I say is IN the news today. Sue Berkowitz, the SC Appleseed Legal Justice Center Executive Director, was quoted in the prestigious Wall Street Journal.

Sue B - doing what she does best

The story? Numbers on Welfare See Sharp Increase. Excerpt from the story:

Twenty-three of the 30 largest states, which account for more than 88% of the nation’s total population, see welfare caseloads above year-ago levels, according to a survey conducted by The Wall Street Journal and the National Conference of State Legislatures. As more people run out of unemployment compensation, many are turning to welfare as a stopgap.

South Carolina is one of the “leading” states – in which welfare cases have increased from +10% to +30% over last year’s rates. Other states with sharp increases include California, Colorado, Florida, Maryland, OhioOregon, and Washington.


On another note, we noted that the SC Appleseed Legal Justice website has a new look too. And we like it!


Foreclosures: Family Services Wins Grant to Help in the Fight

Family Services, Inc. receives $1.7 million from federal program

Wednesday, the Post and Courier reported that Family Services, Inc. received a $1.7 million grant to assist with the exponential increases in foreclosures within the state of South Carolina.

According to the Post and Courier article, the grant will “link attorneys with homeowners who contend they were victims of a variety of transaction wrongs, ranging from predatory lending to receiving a loan they didn’t sign up for. Also eligible are homeowners who find themselves in a bad way for other reasons, such as suffering from their own poor money management choices or facing adjustable rate increases. Thousands of people in South Carolina are eligible.”

This is good news for many homeowners, also assisting are South Carolina Legal Services, Charleston Pro Bono Legal Services and South Carolina Appleseed Legal Justice Center.


SC Appleseed NOW!

Over Fifty, Overdrawn

This evening SC Appleseed Legal Justice Center will hit the small screen via NOW on PBS!

Sue Berkowitz, the Executive Director of Appleseed and an SCATJ Commissioner, was interviewed and will be featured on this program discussing the impact of the economic climate on today’s Baby Boomers.

According to the Post and Courier, other South Carolinians featured in the 30 minute show include Teresa Arnold, legislative director of the state’s AARP office and State Rep. Alan Clemmons, R-Myrtle Beach.

NOW airs tonight (1/23/09) at 8:30 p.m. on SCETV. And for those of us unable to view the program tonight, streaming video will be available online after the broadcast.


Berkowitz and Knapp Tackle Medical Spending in THE STATE

In case you missed it yesterday, SC Access to Justice Commissioner Sue Berkowitz and South Carolina  Entrepreneur and U Need 2 Know Host Frank Knapp co-authored an Op-Ed Piece in The State newspaper.