Former TX Supreme Court Justice: Legal Prof’ls are guardians of justice

Former Texas Supreme Court Justice Craig Enoch spoke at a luncheon on Wednesday. According to, he spoke about the role of legal professionals in upholding the rule of law and access to justice. Excerpts include:

  • “Administering or guarding the rules that keep the system of justice in place is a critical component of the job of any legal professional . . . as the Constitution is only superior because of the way it’s applied through due process, not simply because of the words our founders wrote.”
  • “[There is] the significant role legal professionals play in the lives of citizens whether settling disputes about car accidents or deciding whether a mother should be granted custody of her children.”
  • “To be in the legal profession then is to be a servant to others.”

Everyday justice.

Hmm. Nice Concept. Legal professionals working to bring about justice everyday for all.


William H. Neukom’s interview in October 2008 Issue of The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel Highlights Need for Community Collaboration for Access to Justice

Excerpts from The World Justice Project: A Sustained Commitment To The Rule Of Law, an article in The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel. The Editor interviews William H. Neukom:

 Every city in our country is disadvantaged by poverty. While everyone understands that there are root causes of poverty, no community is paying sufficient attention to the problem of poverty because other needs clamor for attention and too often prevent the poverty issue from being adequately aired. To the extent that the legal problems of poor people are heard in the courts, however, society as a whole has an opportunity to see this issue at first hand and, hopefully, consider ways in which it might be addressed. Access to justice for the poor, in criminal matters, to be sure, but also legal services in certain types of civil cases for those otherwise incapable of retaining a lawyer, are ways in which society can address poverty and, over time, reduce that poverty.

 When people say to me that legal services for the poor is a huge legal issue, I respond by saying it is a huge community issue. Our communities are suffering from poverty, and even if as an individual I am not, I am a member of the community. Access to education, access to heathcare, job opportunities – in addition to access to a fair and impartial system of justice – all of these things contribute to the elimination of poverty and the creation of a society in which we all wish to live.