Nosy’s Scoop

Nosy Wheeler

Nosy had a GREAT time at the Phi Delta Phi Faculty Auction.

And yes, she did purchase a few items for the cause. More than purchasing, she enjoyed looking at all the cool items on display for the silent auction. The 60 donated items included original artwork, signed legal books, jewelry, artistic furniture, and more.
The live auction was a grand success with its 30 items for bid. Items for the silent and live auction were donated by faculty members, students, and local businesses. Law professors served as auctioneers in the live auction. Nosy and her friends observed that some may have an alternative career if the law doesn’t pan out.
Plus absolutely EVERYBODY dressed for the function. The venue and function both were a lot more sophisticated than Nosy remembers when she was in law school.
According to Nosy’s source, the event raised over $10,000 with over 250 attendees including students, faculty, alumni, and friends.
The caterer was Applause; and Nosy was especially enamoured of the tomato soup and grilled cheese bites. The cucumber open-faced sandwiches were light and refreshing. Don’t even think that she didn’t try the scrumptious cookies with amaretto dip. In fact, it was all mouth-watering.
The official photographer was Bette Walker (check out the pictures on the Facebook group). Nosy took a few photos herself which should be posted in the next few days. 
The band was comprised solely of  law students, including Phi Delta Phi Board member Dan Boles and is called Richland County Bootleggers. At the time, Nosy simply speculated that they were a great band. Hmph, good to know that our current law students are well-rounded.
Of course, the venue, 701 Whaley St., was fabulous. Richard Burts if the developer and Nosy gives kudos to him for offering an eclectic setting in an open venue. Nosy is looking forward to attending future events there. 
And not to be left unsaid, all this was for charity. This summer, public interest law students will have an opportunity to provide assistance to entities engaged in public interest law.