How do you feel about paperless courts?

Below is a poll where you can express how you feel about moving to paperless courts. This question arose when I was looking through news e-lerts from the week. I noticed one article out of Las Vegas, yep that Vegas, and the photo almost overwhelmed me.

So, please complete the poll and let me know how you feel.


Mayflower Compact. Really?

Trick or Treat – Here’s a little fun for you on Halloween. Enjoy!


SORRY FOLKS – I guess this is what happens when you’re using an online tool and it appears to be malfunctioning in the other online product. I was trying to embed a fun, lighthearted poll for you. If we get back online soon I’ll add, otherwise simply enjoy the pumpkins. -RFW

VOTE HERE – on Access to Justice

In anticipation and preparation for the Final Access to Justice Commission Hearing next week (November 5th) AND in celebration of THE election (November 4th) next week, I’m asking you to vote on what you believe is the most important issue facing access to justice.