A Model Project that’s no Project Runway

Last month, the Pennsylvania Law Weekly posted an article about the Philadelphia Project, a project forestall mortgage foreclosures before they happen. According to the Pennsylvania Law Weekly, this project is now touted as a model foreclosure diversion program.

Philadelphia Common Pleas Judge Annette M. Rizzo, who presides over the foreclosure cases diverted into Philadelphia’s program, said one of the greatest challenges is finding resources to get distressed homeowners to avail themselves of the program’s opportunities.

“Getting people into the chute involves outreach that I’ve compared to hand-to-hand combat,” she said.

One component of the Project is the toll-free HOTLINE. Details of the hotline and other services are available on the city and county sheriff’s website, http://www.phillysheriff.com/.

For states that want to review the Project details, the regulations are found online at http://fjd.phila.gov/pdf/regs/2008/cpjgcr-2008-01.pdf.


PS Thanks to Claudia Johnson, Kate Bladow, and Matthew Burnett of ProBono.net  and techno.la for pointing me toward the Pennsylvania Law Weekly article!

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