SC Courts Website: Noteworthy!

In perusing the 2009 Edition of Future Trends published by the National Center for State Courts (NCSC), I saw that the South Carolina Courts website was featured prominently as an example of user-friendly design.

This is exciting because it highlights the SC Court’s interest in serving the general public and making information easy to find.  And the following Excerpt indicates why the site is so successful:

The South Carolina Judicial Department’s Web team compiled over
a year’s worth of e-mailed requests from court staff, the legal community,
and the public to help design the site’s e-mail notification system, through
which Web visitors can sign up to receive opinions, orders, rules, forms,
court news, and more.

The report also contains information about the rising number of self-represented litigants within the nation’s court system. While South Carolina has been working to address this area with our access to justice SRL efforts, SRLs are exponentially increasing their presence in the courts.

If you are interested in court trends in SC and around the USA, I would definitely recommend taking a few minutes to check out the recent NCSC report.

Special Thanks to technola for pointing us toward the report.


Congratulations Commissioner Frierson!

The Honorable Rosalyn W. Frierson
The Honorable Rosalyn W. Frierson

In case you missed the story in The State last week, SC Access to Justice Commissioner Rosalyn W. Frierson, Director of South Carolina Court Administration, was appointed to the Board of Directors of the National Center for State Courts.

The National Center for State Courts works to improve the administration of justice through leadership and service to state courts, and courts around the world.  

Congratulations Commissioner Frierson!


Ever wish you had a map for the court system?

Wonder no more!

Thanks to National Center for State Courts (NCSC) for the innovative online interactive map that plainly delineates the structure of each of the state court systems.

To review the South Carolina Court System, click here.

This is good news for pre-law students and any others with an interest in civics, but especially low-income people who want to learn about the court system. Information such as this provides necessary education about the court system and assists access to justice.

And thanks again to for pointing this out!