Want to go to a truncated law school?

Ok, so I LOVE the word TRUNCATED. Who doesn’t? It frolics on the tongue with its trill and Germanic K sounds.

Back to the law school. Most of us think of law school as loads of expensive, heavy tomes, Socratic method and long nights spent with drool covering our text-books and cheeks as we awaken with lines across our face trying to comprehend case-law written long ago. And debt. Don’t forget law school debt.

But this Law School is much shorter, less stressful and taught 3 hours in the evening (6:00 – 9:00 p.m.) over 7 weeks in your community. This Law School is called “Law School for Non-Lawyers” and is offered by the South Carolina Bar. And it’s a bargain – only $45.

So, if you want to head to law school for 7 weeks, check out the 2 offerings this September in North Charleston (Trident Tech) and Myrtle Beach (Horry-Georgetown Tech). For more info, click here or contact Debbie Morris at dmorris@scbar.org or 803-799-4015, ext. 158.

You can’t beat this experience!


PS – This program is made possible by an IOLTA grant from the South Carolina Bar Foundation!

Guest Blog: Cindy Coker – Keeping the Promise

Keeping the Promise

Cindy Coker

When I was a kid, we learned and recited in class the Pledge of Allegiance.  The final words,..with liberty and justice for all…carried a powerful message.  And for an 8 year old, justice meant playing fair in games and not picking on kids – or being picked on.

Several years later (and no, we won’t discuss how many!) I was saying similar words again when I took the new lawyers oath.  I will assist the defenseless or oppressed by ensuring that justice is available to all citizens… Wow, what a promise to make!

Recently the Legal Services Corporation released its updated report on the justice gap in America.  For every client that a legal services program is able to help, at least on is turned away.  I’m not sure who picks up the slack in other states, but in South Carolina, it’s the volunteers of the Pro Bono Program.  Since 1986 S.C. lawyers have given hundreds of thousands of hours in pro bono service.  Those hours have involved hand holding clients, appearing in court, helping a woman get out of an abusive relationship, ensuring visitation for a father with his children, helping a family keep their home or doing what could be done to make the inevitable less painful.

The Pro Bono Program also provides opportunities for lawyers to help educate the public through legal clinics, Law School for Non-Lawyers and Ask-A-Lawyer phone banks.

Unfortunately, the need exceeds the supply.  Liberty and justice for all, while the ideal, is not the reality.  But, we have a chance to make a difference.  We have a chance to keep the promise and close that gap.  We just need a little more help!  Can we count on you?

Pro Bono….Keeping the promise!

7 Weeks in Beaufort


7 Weeks in Beaufort may sound like the title to a movie, but it’s actually LAW SCHOOL FOR NON-LAWYERS, a production of the South Carolina Bar’s Pro Bono Program.

Classes run Tuesday evenings from February 10th through March 24th from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the Technical College of the Lowcountry Beaufort Campus located at 921 Ribaut Rd. in Beaufort.

Classes cover a broad range of legal topics from an overview of state courts and the civil and criminal legal systems.

Registration is $35 and includes course materials. To register, call (843) 525-8205.