Standing Ovation to NYT’s coverage


Thank you New York Times for Your Editorial Piece entitled:

Sins of Omission: The Forgotten Poor

Your Editorial piece describes the problems concisely, clearly and thoroughly. See excerpts below:

The proven national program of civil legal aid for impoverished Americans, created in the 1960s, is suffering from multiple blows in funding.

But federal funding is the ultimate hope in a dire situation. In 2008, Congress chipped in $350 million for the nonprofit Legal Services Corporation, which then distributed the money throughout the country. Given the tough times — underfunded programs and ever more desperate clients — more money is needed.

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Special Thanks to: Mark Quinn for pointing me to the article and hand models Angela McKeirnan, Joan Brown, Kimberly Hamilton, Jane Rush, and Lauren Clark.




Thanks to the Legal Services National Technology Assistance Project (LSNTAP) for posting this notice about FREE Montana Legal Services Association forms that were copyrighted that are being SOLD by an unauthorized company –

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Good luck Montana! We applaud your efforts to protect Self-Represented Litigants!


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