Health Care and Bankruptcy: Not a Match Made in Heaven

Health or Money: The Choice is Yours
Health or Money: The Choice is Yours

In this week’s issue, the Free Times quotes Commissioner Sue Berkowitz speaking about health care, insurance and the effect of facing medical bills without insurance:

Forty-six million Americans, including 750,000 South Carolinians, are going uninsured,” Sue Berkowitz, director of the South Carolina Appleseed Legal Justice Center, said in kicking off the, Berkowitz said that 50 percent of personal bankruptcies in the nation stem from medical bills.

Many more are underinsured, and the numbers of people in both categories have been increasing for years.

At the same time, health care costs have been spiraling out of control for just as long and exacting a crushing toll on household and business finances. Citing a

That’s a staggering figure – 50% of personal bankruptcies in the United States stem from medical bills!

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Berkowitz & Knapp: Op-Ed Take 2

Last December, Commissioner Sue Berkowitz and Columbia Business Leader Frank Knapp co-wrote an Op-Ed on Medical Spending. This morning they teamed up for a second Op-Ed – Berkowitz and Knapp: Hidden Health Tax Must End. It’s well worth the read.


In the News: Commissioner Sue Berkowitz features a story about Medicaid in South Carolina and Commissioner Sue Berkowitz is quoted in the article.

According to the Forbes article:

A deal reached Thursday will send $173 million immediately to South Carolina’s Medicaid programs to restore money lost to budget cuts for everything from cancer treatments to wheelchair ramps.


Berkowitz and Knapp Tackle Medical Spending in THE STATE

In case you missed it yesterday, SC Access to Justice Commissioner Sue Berkowitz and South Carolina  Entrepreneur and U Need 2 Know Host Frank Knapp co-authored an Op-Ed Piece in The State newspaper.