Follow-up to UNDERSTAND?


Earlier this week, I pointed you toward a New York Times article as well as the Brennan Center study about Language Access in the Courts

Earlier today Claudia Johnson of pointed me toward yet another related work, this one by the State Justice Institute (SJI).

Well worth a follow-up.


Make sure you check the Blogroll

It may be intuitive to some to check out someone’s Blogroll, but is it always intuitive to check for updates?

Well, I wish I could remember all the new blogs I’ve added recently, but there have been enough for me to think – huh, do I need to let people know I’m adding to my blogroll? Hmm. Maybe so.

So, here’s your reminder. And, just so you know, today I added Making Justice Real.


PS – Many thanks to Claudia Johnson with for steering me toward the link.

Day 2: EJC – so far . . .

Ok, there’s a quick break in between sessions and yes, my last session ended a few minutes early. And before I forget, yes I’m addicted to blogging. SO, here’s the latest update.

Today I have been able to see friends from home – Tom Trent, Andrea Loney, Shannon Scruggs and Pamela Robinson – as well as friends from other places – Louis Rulli, Richard Zorza, my fellow ATJers and others. Some I’ve only met via cyberspace – Claudia Johnson, it was nice to finally meet you in person!

And, here are the photos from the morning.


CIMG4565good crowd at the Plenary

CIMG4566exhibits before the crowd hits . . .

CIMG4567Lawyers and Social Workers Workings Together: Resolving Ethical Dilemmas

CIMG4570ATJ Lunch Roundtable (sans table)

CIMG4572more round (no table)

CIMG4573Fostering Information Sharing and Collaboration to Maximize Successful Team and Partnership Efforts

CIMG4576stay tuned . . .


A Model Project that’s no Project Runway

Last month, the Pennsylvania Law Weekly posted an article about the Philadelphia Project, a project forestall mortgage foreclosures before they happen. According to the Pennsylvania Law Weekly, this project is now touted as a model foreclosure diversion program.

Philadelphia Common Pleas Judge Annette M. Rizzo, who presides over the foreclosure cases diverted into Philadelphia’s program, said one of the greatest challenges is finding resources to get distressed homeowners to avail themselves of the program’s opportunities.

“Getting people into the chute involves outreach that I’ve compared to hand-to-hand combat,” she said.

One component of the Project is the toll-free HOTLINE. Details of the hotline and other services are available on the city and county sheriff’s website,

For states that want to review the Project details, the regulations are found online at


PS Thanks to Claudia Johnson, Kate Bladow, and Matthew Burnett of  and for pointing me toward the Pennsylvania Law Weekly article!

see previous scaccesstojustice blogs re: foreclosure at