Make sure you check the Blogroll

It may be intuitive to some to check out someone’s Blogroll, but is it always intuitive to check for updates?

Well, I wish I could remember all the new blogs I’ve added recently, but there have been enough for me to think – huh, do I need to let people know I’m adding to my blogroll? Hmm. Maybe so.

So, here’s your reminder. And, just so you know, today I added Making Justice Real.


PS – Many thanks to Claudia Johnson with for steering me toward the link.


Welcome to my Blogroll, Just Wisconsin

Welcome to my Blogroll, Just Wisconsin

Some of you may remember that I have some personal connections with Wisconsin: I attended college there, I worked there for 1 year after college and my parents currently live there. Just in case you’re still skeptical – here’s photographic proof (December 2008):


From Wisconsin

And yes, that’s SNOW!





From Looking at the snow from inside the cozy and warm house

I am pleased as punch to welcome Just Wisconsin to my blogroll.

And just in case you missed information about the NEW Wisconsin Access to Justice Commission, first reported during the Equal Justice Conference, check out the Wisconsin Law Journal coverage here.


Newz of the Linkz – Take 2


Irony makes the world go ’round!

I updated the Blogroll links and wrote the post.

Then I learned that the RESOURCES page links were dead so I started working on them before I ran off to a meeting.

And last night my husband gently prodded me and asked if I had meant to make the link in the story a “dead link.” That’s right – the hyperlink in the previous article goes NOWHERE!

Take two:

If you have questions, comments, concerns or would simply like to contact me, you can reach me by email here.


Out of the Jungle and onto my Blogroll

There’s a great blog out there called Out of the Jungle that I happened upon this morning. It is written by law librarians and features current information about legal research, legal education and legal information. This morning I was drawn to their remarks about an article by Charles R. Dyer. Mr. Dyer has been featured as a speaker and somewhat of an authority concerning services to self-represented litigants. His article in Spectrum speaks to this expertise.

And if you’re wondering about Spectrum, it’s a publication of the American Association of Law Libraries aka AALL. If you have an extra moment, please surf their site. Law Librarians are a great asset to the legal community, not just self-represented litigants or law students, but also fledging and experienced attorneys.

Thanks Out of the Jungle, Mr. Dyer and AALL.