Hot off the Press: SC Jobs Down 76,100 from 1 year ago (Jan. ’09)


South Carolina’s Unemployment Up in Double Digits at 10.4%

The South Carolina Employment Security Commission press release today noted that unemployment reached the highest levels since April 1983 when levels were 10.7%.

Allendale County has the dubious honor of having the highest statewide rates at 23.4% (up 2 from December 2008) while 11 counties kept their rates under 10%. Lexington County had the lowest unemployment rate in the state with 7.5%.

Nationally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that national unemployment rate rose from 7.2 percent in December to 7.6 percent in January and was 2.7 percentage points higher than a year earlier.


Addendum re: SC Unemployment

As a follow-up to the previous post:

In December 2008, the national average for unemployment was 7.1%, an increase of +2.3 from the previous year.

South Carolina experienced a 9.1% unemployment rate for the same month.

The 6 counties with the highest unemployment rates were:

6. Bamberg County with 15.5% rate, +4.1.

5. Barnwell County with 15.8%, +4.8.

4. Marlboro County with 16.9%, +4.5.

3. Chester County with 17.3%, +4.9.

2. Marion County with 19.0%, +5.8.

1. Allendale County with 19.7%, +5.0.

Again, these are all rural counties and designated as manufacturing centers.