Contact Us

To Contact the Commission:

Robin F. Wheeler, Esquire
Executive Director
South Carolina Access to Justice Commission
PO Box 608
Columbia, SC 29202-0608
Phone (803) 576-3808
Fax (803) 799-5290


Stephanie A. Nye, Esquire
Counsel to Chief Justice Jean Hoefer Toal
Supreme Court of South Carolina
P.O. Box 12456
Columbia , SC 29211
(803) 734-2898
(803) 734-1167

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6 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Great video! Some of your assertions made me go “huh?” (Wikipedia more accurate than Encyclopedia Brittanica…mebbe so, but I need sources cited…)

    also maybe over-reaching is the idea that in the future people will no longer search for news…I disagree…there will always be people who are thinking more critically than what is put before them…isn’t that what we want?

    I’m on many social media platforms and use them for organizing, raising consciousness, changing consciousness, etc., and I do think that the neurocircuitry of SM users has probably already changed, but I’m just not ready to predict that humans will…stop…searching…I mean, we’re wired to think, not just to perceive…

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