Celebrate Pro Bono: Allison Humen

As part of Celebrate Pro Bono 2011, we are highlighting pro bono legal service in South Carolina. Meet ALLISON HUMEN, 3L at the University of South Carolina School of Law. Allison Humen currently serves as the SBA… More

Celebrate Pro Bono: David C. Shea

As part of Celebrate Pro Bono 2011, we are highlighting pro bono legal service in South Carolina. Meet David C. Shea, South Carolina attorney. When asked about what first drew him to pro bono, he responds:… More

Focus on Pro Bono: James Gaul

James Gaul is currently a 1L in his first semester at the University of South Carolina  School of Law. As all 1Ls do, he is taking Torts, Contracts, Criminal Law, and Property along with legal… More

Focus on Pro Bono: Elliott Tait

Elliott Tait is currently a 2L, taking Wills, Trusts and Estates, Constitutional Law II, Problems in Professional Responsibility, Transnational Law, and Poverty Law at the University of South Carolina School of Law. He is also… More

South Carolina Attorneys: Do you have malpractice for that 608 appointment?

Ok, every South Carolina attorney I know is tired of dredging up Rule 608. However, there continues to be a LOT of discussion around Rule 608, including the Attorney Volunteer Guardian ad Litem project. Last… More

Help Protect Vulnerable Adults! Volunteer as a Pro Bono GAL . . .

Help Protect South Carolina’s Vulnerable Adults! Volunteer Today as a Pro Bono Attorney Guardian Ad Litem in APS Abuse, Neglect or Exploitation Cases! On November 20, 2009, the Supreme Court of South Carolina amended Rule… More

Friday Wrap: Pro Bono

Today is the final day to make a nomination for the SC Bar’s Pro Bono Award. And, if you’re one of my Twitter followers or Tweeps, then you’ve seen this touted for a while, with… More

Guest Blog: Cindy Coker – Keeping the Promise

Keeping the Promise When I was a kid, we learned and recited in class the Pledge of Allegiance.  The final words,..with liberty and justice for all…carried a powerful message.  And for an 8 year old,… More

COMING SOON to a town near you: Celebrate Pro Bono

LOUD & CLEAR: PRO BONO ROCKS At the end of October, across the nation, attorneys will join together to provide Pro Bono services as part of the American Bar Association‘s CELEBRATE PRO BONO WEEK (October… More

JAX Pro Bono Attorneys Do It for FREE

A recent article in The Jacksonville Financial News and Daily Record spotlights Pro Bono Attorneys and the work they’re doing in conjunction with Jacksonville Area Legal Aid. The best part of Pro Bono service is summed… More