My Name is Earl (er, Tropical Storm Earl)

Many thanks to Stormpulse for the screen-shot! And apologies to the tv show “My Name is Earl” (I always enjoyed you!) It’s that time again – Hurricane Season time –  time to address Emergency Preparedness.… More

Blog Action Day 2009: Climate Change

You may wonder what Climate Change has to do with Access to Justice. And at first glance, it may not seem to have a connection. But when you consider the potential negative effects of Climate… More

Neither Sleet nor Snow nor Hurricanes nor Tornadoes . . .

Remember the Post Office slogan starting with “Neither Sleet nor Snow. . .?” Sure, but did you know that  there is a site for National Disaster Legal Aid that will provide legal services to individuals during… More

Don’t Get Hurled Away by a Hurricane!

Hurricane season is here! (June 1-November 30)  A hurricane can have potentially long lasting and devastating effects if you are caught unprepared.  It is not difficult to take steps before a hurricane hits to protect… More