New Jersey Speaks for SRLs

I was pleased to see this video available from the New Jersey Courts. It’s a brief introduction for SRLs on where to find information about the courts. And what I found even more interesting is… More

SRLs – A Start

For those of you interested in learning where to start to learn more about self-represented litigants in South Carolina, here’s my cheat sheet: Resources 1.         Online A.  South Carolina: – The South Carolina Courts… More

M-States & SRLs: Montana & Massachusetts

In Massachusetts they call it Limited Assisted Representation or LAR. In Montana they call it DIY Legal Assistance. I call it good job. From early on at the SC Access to Justice Commission, I’ve been exposed… More

Yesterday and Today: Focus on SRLs

Yesterday the Clerk of Court Work Group met to work on model answers for FAQs for SRLs. And just today I found a new blog, shlep: the Self-Help Law ExPress.  This new (to me) resource offers… More

SRLs: Take a Look

I’m so happy I have signed up to receive Google Alerts. I set up one for Self-Represented Litigants and it sent me to a post today at Rights & Remedies: Top Ten Tips for Appearing in… More

This American Life Features SRLs

Just posted this on Twitter, then realized, why not add to the Blog? On this site, you’ve read about Self-Represented Litigants or SRLs numerous times. And, last December, SCETV’s The Big Picture featured Access to… More

SRLs: The Good, The Bad and The Reality

Writing about Self-Represented Litigants is not as easy as it appears. Sure, I wholeheartedly believe that every U.S. citizen has a right to be heard in court. And sometimes there simply isn’t an attorney available or willing… More

SRLs Rise as Economy Declines

No Surprise! SRLs Rise as Economy Declines This probably isn’t a surprise to many. But it is interesting that there are more articles about the phenomena. For example, the New York Times recently featured a… More

More SRLs: Are Lawyers too Costly or Simply Sign of Hard Times?

That’s the question coming out of Connecticut this week, see Connecticut Law Tribune article here. Whatever the answer, the numbers of Self-Represented Litigants or SRLs is on the rise. The trend isn’t limited to Connecticut… More

What did Tennessee? SRLs in need

  Ok, growing up in middle Tennessee may not make me an expert on current events there, but reading the Tennessean sure helps me understand what’s happening with access to justice. And, it sounds very similar… More