Ellen Hines Smith: Legal Services Attorney of the Year – NOMINATIONS ARE OPEN

Have a favorite Legal Services Attorney?

Now’s your time to nominate them for the Ellen Hines Smith Legal Services Attorney of the Year.

Here’s the form:

Ellen Hines Smith Nomination Form 2010

What’s the Award Criteria?

  • A SC Bar member who is employed as an LSC grantee program lawyer;
  • Application made by November 15th of each year;
  • SC Access to Justice Commission sends nomination solicitations by October 1 of each year;
  • Sent to Executive Director of  SC Bar Foundation and Executive Director of SC Access to Justice Commission;
  • Award winner decided by a joint awards committee of the SC Bar Foundation and SC ATJ Commission, meeting in January each year;
  • Provides reasons for nominee to receive award;
  • Award jointly presented at SC Bar Foundation Gala;
  • Award not necessarily granted every year.
  • Who has received the award before?

    1989 – Martha B. Dicus

    1990 – Thomas L. Bruce

    1991 – Johnny Simpson

    1992 – Harold F. Daniels

    1993 – Andrea E. Loney

    1994 – Mozella Nicholson

    1995 – Thomas A. Trent

    1996 – Susan A. Cross

    1997 – Angela M. Myers

    1998 – Ethel E. Weinberg

    1999 – Nancy M. Butler

    2000 – Byron A. Reid

    2001 – Lynn P. Wagner

    2002 – Eddie McConnell

    2003 – Frank Cannon

    2004 – Willie B. Heyward

    2005 – Lynn Snowber-Marini

    2006 – Eddie McConnell

    2007 – Marcia Powell-Shew

    2009 – Maureen White

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