Want to go to a truncated law school?

Ok, so I LOVE the word TRUNCATED. Who doesn’t? It frolics on the tongue with its trill and Germanic K sounds.

Back to the law school. Most of us think of law school as loads of expensive, heavy tomes, Socratic method and long nights spent with drool covering our text-books and cheeks as we awaken with lines across our face trying to comprehend case-law written long ago. And debt. Don’t forget law school debt.

But this Law School is much shorter, less stressful and taught 3 hours in the evening (6:00 – 9:00 p.m.) over 7 weeks in your community. This Law School is called “Law School for Non-Lawyers” and is offered by the South Carolina Bar. And it’s a bargain – only $45.

So, if you want to head to law school for 7 weeks, check out the 2 offerings this September in North Charleston (Trident Tech) and Myrtle Beach (Horry-Georgetown Tech). For more info, click here or contact Debbie Morris at dmorris@scbar.org or 803-799-4015, ext. 158.

You can’t beat this experience!


PS – This program is made possible by an IOLTA grant from the South Carolina Bar Foundation!

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