Elkins Family Law Task Force Recommendations Open for Comment

On October 2, 2009, the Elkins Family Law Task Force released its draft recommendations for ways to improve access to justice in the California Family Court system.

The public comment period is October 1, 2009, through December 4, 2009.

The draft recommendations and an online comment form are available at www.courtinfo.ca.gov/jc/tflists/elkins.htm.

In addition, the task force will hold two public hearings to receive in-person comments on the draft recommendations. The public hearings will be held on Thursday, October 22 in San Francisco, and on Tuesday, October 27 in Los Angeles. For information and to sign up to participate in the public hearings, go to www.courtinfo.ca.gov/jc/tflists/elkins.htm.

To learn more about the Task Force, view the FACT SHEET.

It’s evident from the List of Topics (below) that the Task Force worked hard to review the entire system:

1. Right to Present Live Testimony at Hearings
2. Expanding Legal Representation and Providing a Continuum of Legal Services
3. Caseflow Management
4. Providing Clear Guidance Through Rules of Court
5. Children’s Voices
6. Domestic Violence
7. Enhancing Safety
8. Contested Child Custody
9. Minor’s Counsel
10. Scheduling of Trials and Long-Cause Hearings
11. Litigant Education
12. Expanding Services to Assist Litigants in Resolving Their Cases
13. Streamlining Family Law Forms and Procedures
14. Enhancing Mechanisms to Handle Perjury
15. Standardize Default and Uncontested Process Statewide
16. Interpreters
17. Public Information and Outreach
18. Judicial Branch Education
19. Family Law Research Agenda
20. Court Facilities
21. Leadership, Accountability, and Resources

The SC Access to Justice Commission will continue to follow the project and update you as it develops.


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