Should 3Ls Provide Legal Representation: POLL

Read about a decision by the Ohio Supreme Court that allows 3rd year law students to represent Felony Defendants UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF A LICENSED ATTORNEY!

The Rule.

Please feel free to add your own comments either within the poll or below.

Does this enhance access to justice? Or does it further disenfranchise people living in poverty?


PS – Thanks to Commissioner Rangeley Chewning for pointing out the Ohio article!

One thought on “Should 3Ls Provide Legal Representation: POLL

  1. Third years don’t seem to differ very much from recent law grads. If they start practicing with supervision in their third year of law school, they will be that much more prepared when they graduate. I’m not sure it’s worse for a felony defendant to have an enthusiastic 3L represent him than it would be to have an overloaded, uninterested court appointed lawyer do the same job.

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