Harvard Class of ’09: 308,605 Hours of Pro Bono Service

Think of prestigious law schools and Harvard ranks up there.

In fact I get a kick out of telling people that I attended Harvard Law School for a few days. And I did – for a conference about Self-Represented Litigants in November 2007.

South Carolina attendees at SRL Conference at Harvard 2007

South Carolina attendees at SRL Conference at Harvard 2007

Not to say that I’m disappointed with my own Law School experience at the University of South Carolina School of Law. I enjoyed it and sometimes, well, I didn’t. But I do appreciate it. I learned an incredible amount of information and made life-long friends.

So it may seem odd that I’m touting Harvard. They certainly don’t need the press. But as I was clearing out my inbox earlier today, I ran across this article with such an incredible number of pro bono service hours. Well, I couldn’t resist sharing it with you. From the article:

This year’s graduates achieved an average of 542 hours of pro bono work per student, 502 hours more than the 40 required for graduation. Ninety-six students provided more than 1,000 hours of free legal services during their years at HLS.

That’s pretty cool. And I thought it worth sharing. Thanks for indulging.