6 Months in 2009

How are you faring on your New Year’s Resolutions?

New Year's Resolutions Lookin' Good
New Year’s Resolutions Lookin’ Good


New Year's Resolutions, er, not lookin' so good
New Year’s Resolutions, er, not lookin’ so good

And why am I asking? Well, this morning I was having a tough time determining what to write so I popped a few terms into the site search and found my previous post SC ATJ New Year’s Wishes or Resolutions? from December 31, 2008. As we’ve now reached a little more than halfway through the year I thought we’d take a look at the progress.

Let’s start with #12

#12. SCATJ will develop a working relationship with legal paraprofessionals throughout the state.


Lookin’ Good: On January 21, 2009 I spoke at the Palmetto Paralegal Association’s January Membership meeting and introduced members to the SC Access to Justice Commission. 

Not Lookin’ So Good: The presentation is simply the start of building a working relationship. There are other paraprofessional organizations within the state. Follow-up with PPASC is needed so that the level of interest remains.

Stay tuned. I’ll update you on the rest of the resolutions and progress of this one.


One thought on “6 Months in 2009

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