Staying Informed on Domestic Violence in SC

Domestic Violence—SOVA

Because domestic violence is such a huge problem in South Carolina, I want to continue to highlight agencies that help victims of domestic violence.  SOVA is South Carolina’s State Office of Victim Assistance.  It provides help with some crime related costs of domestic violence.  Visit their website to see eligibility criteria, forms for assistance and how the process works. (en Español) SOVA also provides information on victims’ rights, victims’ laws as well as a list of Judicial Circuit Solicitors that work on these cases.

Upcoming Event—The SC Victim Assistance Academy

May 31, 2009-June5

There is still space available, but the conference is next week so sign up soon!  The purpose of the conference is to provide current information to victim service providers.  The conference will give you insight into all of the services that South Carolina offers to victims of domestic violence.


PS – Other Upcoming Events are also listed!


4 thoughts on “Staying Informed on Domestic Violence in SC

  1. My views are based upon more than twenty years in EMS responding to calls of this nature. In most of those situations, the woman, without a scratch on her, would respond to questions in a scripted manner. While the male, often beat half to death was hauled off to jail. The law is applied in a sexist manner, and that is immoral…

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