Tu Tu Tango? You Bet

What image does Orlando conjure for you? Disney World. Universal Studios. Sea World. Discovery Cove. Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice. Great Golf. World-renowned foodie haven.

Wait, what?

Foodie World. Last night and tonight, part of the South Carolina contingency, in Orlando for the Equal Justice Conference, took in the tastes, sights and sounds of Orlando.

Last evening we ate at Emeril’s Tchoup Chop. The experience was wonderful. The atmosphere was relaxing and somewhat awe-inspiring with bold, yet relaxing colors and a water-theme. The food was exquisite and the service superb.

Afterwards, we headed over to the Blue Man Group at Universal. If you haven’t experienced the Blue Man Group, there is something for ears, eyes, and hands. (if you sit in the front, wear the rain-gear offered to you)

I thought we’d had a pretty good time. Then tonight we headed to Cafe Tu Tu Tango.







No words necessary, right?

Yes, we ate too much, but it was worth it. One word of advice, when the waitress reminds you that the desserts are large enough to share . . .  she means it!


hmm, I wonder where we’ll dine tomorrow?

oh wait, did I type that out loud?

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