Three Days in Bangkok

News from Bangkok is that there is a regional UN Development Programme meeting there this week. 

According to the three-day dialogue brings together more than 80 senior government and UN officials to identify priorities and proposals for countries in Asia to ensure access to justice, property rights, labor rights and business rights for the poor and marginalized.

“Protection of law is essential for people living in poverty to shield them against oppression, create economic opportunities, and enable them to secure decent standards of living with dignity,” said Nicholas Rosellini, UNDP Deputy Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific.



One thought on “Three Days in Bangkok

  1. I want to be there! Unfortunately, Asia has even further to go than we do. I speculate that some of it may have to do with the idea of Karma, that an individual facing very difficult circumstances has somehow deserved that karma on account of something they did or did not do in a past life. There’s also a very strong notion of fate and fatalism, namely, an attitude that if x is your lot in life there’s nothing you can do to stop it or avoid it. People are more conditioned to accept their fate than to do something about it, and they are not so tuned in to cause-effect (e.g. one reason traffic fatalities are so very high, if it’s your time to go, it’s just your time to go, so why bother wearing a seatbelt … ). Sorry for rambling but it all ties in. In parts of Asia, Women are not allowed in the central parts of temples because of their lower status … their fate … Crippled beggars need not be helped because they somehow deserve that fate … so marginalization is built into the social structures at a fundamental level.

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