Philip A. Middleton: You’re FAMOUS!

Remember back a few posts ago and I had the funny non-photo-photo with the headline YOU Could Be Famous?


And I promised that I would post a photo of the winner. I was soliciting emails for the South Carolina Bar Pro Bono Award and then it was announced as Philip A. Middleton. Remember?

Well, I keep my word. With many thanks to Warren Holland with the SC Bar, I now have photos of Mr. Middleton.




Congratulations again Mr. Middleton! South Carolina appreciates your service.


One thought on “Philip A. Middleton: You’re FAMOUS!

  1. Some people are not always what they appear to be. I learned this from seeing government, attorneys and the likes up close and personal in my profession. I too pull for the underdog, but with a genuine heart, not to win accolades as some sort of “good citizen”. A really good attorney should not feel the need to threaten a timid individual who raises questions about his/or her integrity or knowledge. I’ve found it difficult to find an attorney in Charleston who is qualified (at least on the Web) to take this case, but I see it as my duty to defend the good person that’s been threatened (and by the way, I have checked the validity of that threat, and it is totally unfounded on all accounts!). I wll find just the right legal council who wants the victory bad enough to take on the best. Amen

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