Pro Bono is an Investment, Not a Cost

A few days ago, Robin posted a few days ago in her blog titled “Big News Out of Texas!”  That article discussed how extra spending by the state of Texas on pro bono services actually ended up being a revenue-producing venture. The article I’m posting a link to today ties in nicely with the Texas article.

This article describes how pro bono services are being viewed more as investments then costs in large firms, not just in the public sector.  The article states that studies have found that in today’s declining economy, large firms are providing more pro bono services to keep their associates busy when caseloads may be smaller.  By encouraging associates to take on more pro bono work, firms have found that they have been able to connect their associates to matters that focus on their career development.  This focus on development is a key factor in helping to curb attrition rates in large firms.  Further a strong pro bono program can help to bolster a firm’s reputation as a good place to start a legal career.



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