Presidents’ Day 2009

How to celebrate? Hmmm, well, I’m at the office, so I’ll share some of my favorite recent blog posts:

  1. From – Seeking Free Legal Help for Domestic Violence – I like this one for its straight-forward no-nonsense get-to-biz style. Excerpt – Did you know that many people suffer from domestic violence? Survivors of domestic violence often complain about essential hypertension, migraines, insomnia, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, excessive fatigue, and many others. If you’re a victim of domestic violence, you need to seek legal help at once.
  2. From – 25 in 5 Network releases Blueprint for poverty reduction in Ontario – I like this one for its broad impact idea and the commitment to involving those who need the help most of all. Excerpt – “Poor people want to be part of the solution,” said Capponi. “This represents our greatest opportunity in decades to contribute our talents, efforts and our ambitions to a full recovery. Once implemented it would allow many to find secure footing, enabling them to provide for their families and themselves, through employment, education and retraining.”
  3. From – Online Pro Bono Opportunities Guide Available – I like this one for its practicality – there’s a problem, here’s the solution! Excerpt – One of the roadblocks that I sometimes hear about is just lack of awareness about what pro bono projects are out there. That’s the need this new directory is designed to fill. On the State Bar pro bono page, lawyers will now find a searchable directory.
  4. From – Recent Hack Points Out Bad Passwords – I like this one for its universality. EVERYBODY uses passwords, every day. No Excerpt necessary. Just go there!
  5. From – The world is run by those who show up – I like this one because it isn’t law related or is it? Excerpt – Do you ever notice when someone gets an award, you often learn that they are also coaching their children’s Little League team, serving on the local food bank board of directors, and chair of a committee in their professional organization? Do you ever notice that there are a limited number of people you reliably can turn to when you need something done? Is it a surprise that these same people are usually in both categories?

So, go ahead, celebrate Presidents’ Day. Read a few blog posts. You’ll be glad you did.



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