Paraskavedekatriaphobia Feb. ’09: Quote of the Day

Paraskavedekatriaphobia Feb. ’09: Quote of the Day

When one undertakes to administer justice,

it must be with an even hand, and by rule;

what is done for one, must be done for

everyone in equal degree.

Thomas Jefferson to Benjamin Rush, 1803. ME 10:420

Why this quote? Why the title? Not sure, but maybe it was that Thomas Jefferson was a prolific writer. And he deserved a long word in the title. Jefferson is the author of many quotes about justice, fairness, equality and other democratic principles.

Plus it’s a good quote without an endnote or footnote that this applies to all “except those unable to afford it.”

Not bad for something written over 200 years ago.

Hope you have an uneventful Friday the 13th.



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