Calling Unemployed Attorneys!

News out of Chicago:

CARPLS – Coordinated Advice and Referral Program for Legal Services

Local law firms have laid off an increasing number of lawyers as sluggish economic conditions continue. The new project, dubbed CARPLS Works, is set to kick off the week of Feb. 23.

 The volunteers must be licensed Illinois  lawyers and are asked to work on the CARPLS hotline for at least four hours each week on a morning or afternoon shift.

Allen C. Schwartz, the executive director of the Coordinated Advice & Referral Program for Legal Services, said CARPLS officials hope that between 40 and 50 out-of-work lawyers will volunteer for the new program. The new volunteers will supplement the work of 32 paid staff lawyers, Schwartz said.

CARPLS officials posted a job description for the new program on craigslist and other online sites Thursday afternoon, Schwartz said. By Friday morning, there were about 35 responses, he added.

. . .

The project will give lawyers without jobs the opportunity to use their legal skills and provide service to the community, according to Schwartz.

Sounds like an idea that may gain popularity around the nation! To read the article in its entirety, click here.


P.S. Thanks to George Cauthen for bringing this program to my attention!

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