You Say Pro-VI-so, I say Pro-VEE-So

ProVIso, ProVEEso, it’s all about the Proviso!

Before I moved to South Carolina, I was not familiar with Provisos, however I have learned that a lot of policy changes result from Provisos.

And one recent Proviso has caught my eye, found at and starting at 47.fca ADD (Family Court Attorney Appointment Study Group).

Why is this of particular interest to SC Access to Justice?

  • Its purpose is to Improve the process of appointing private attorneys to family court actions.
  • There is NO Fiscal Impact (read additional cost) on the General Fund. 
  • And it may serve to alleviate the issues raised in the SC Access to Justice Commission’s public hearings regarding Rule 608 appointments.

It’s a great start to exploring solutions to continue to provide legal representation to individuals in need.



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