Imitation. Greatest Form of Flattery, right?

Mirror Mirror On the Wall


Mirror Mirror On the Wall

If Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery, then SLAW, a cooperative Canadian weblog on things legal, should feel really flattered.

It appears that the Law Commission of Ontario/Commission du Droit de l’Ontario (LCO/CDO) is similar to the South Carolina Access to Justice Commission. Its mandate is to recommend law reform measures to increase the legal system’s relevance, effectiveness and accessibility; to clarify and simplify the law; consider technology as a means to enhance access to justice; and stimulate critical debate about law and promote scholarly legal research.

[And Francophiles, their website is fun to explore. For the rest of us, simply click on English.]

SLAW’s recent post “A Technology Project for the LCO” really caught my attention. Part of the LCO/CDO mandate is to consider technology as a conduit for access to justice and SLAW is requesting ideas for using technology as a means to enhance access to justice.

Here’s where the imitation occurs. I’m asking each of you to add your ideas for utilizing technology to enhance access to justice in the comments’ section of this post.

Please think broadly and creatively – instructional/explanatory videos, online records access, telephone instructions, email alerts, text messages, etc.

After all, you know how you “roll” and SC Access to Justice wants to reach you.



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