Pro Bono Net Announces KPMG Sponsorship

South Carolina Access to Justice Commission was pleased to read that Pro Bono Net announced support from KPMG LLC, especially during such tough economic times. And thanks to SOA World Magazine for breaking the news.


“We will offer web-based and other educational sessions to Pro Bono Net members, and look for opportunities to provide Forensic and Forensic Technology Services to legal counsel working through Pro Bono Net,” Richard H. Girgenti [national lead partner for KPMG’s Forensic Practice and a member of the firm’s Board] said, adding, “We are especially pleased to announce this sponsorship, as KPMG encourages our employees to give back to their communities.”

“At a time when so many families face problems such as eviction and foreclosure, it’s heartening that KPMG recognizes the difference that access to a lawyer can make,” said Mark O’Brien, Executive Director of Pro Bono Net. “KPMG’s support will enable Pro Bono Net to continue connecting people in need with free legal counsel, and to develop new programs that respond to emergent needs.”

For the whole article, click here.



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