Law Students CAN Make a Difference

If you think differently, check out Rutgers Law Student Pro Bono

Some of us enter law school with a direction, others find the direction throughout the law school experience, and others of us clarify our direction once we’ve been in practice a few years. But all of us who have graced the halls of our favorite law school have had an experience to engage in pro bono work.

During my law school experience, I was able to participate in several pro bono opportunities, although there was no way I would have been able to participate in ALL opportunities.

And maybe my law school pro bono experiences are what charged me to continue to my public service work. And maybe that’s why I am so excited to read about the variety of pro bono programs offered for law students around the nation, in this case at Rutgers School of Law Camden as reported by the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Keep up the good work, one client at a time!


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