What did Tennessee? SRLs in need


Ok, growing up in middle Tennessee may not make me an expert on current events there, but reading the Tennessean sure helps me understand what’s happening with access to justice. And, it sounds very similar to what we’re hearing in South Carolina. Take a look at a few excerpts from an article about self-represented litigants:

Tennessee’s legal aid system is under-funded and overwhelmed. There are only enough legal aid attorneys in the entire state to help one out of every five eligible people who come to them for help. In Middle Tennessee, the legal aid society turns away six people for every one it can help.

“The legal aid system is overworked and terribly underpaid. It’s a tragedy,” he said.

There are 75 legal aid attorneys in Tennessee, operating on a budget of $3.3 million to try to help low-income families navigate the civil court system.

Judges see firsthand what can happen when a self-represented litigant goes up against a trained litigator. In divorce court alone, Ash estimates that 80 percent of the spouses who come to him seeking orders of protection are self-represented.

“If one side has counsel, it puts the other at a terrible disadvantage,” Ash said. “I cannot be their advocate.”

To read the full article, click here.


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