Update from Previous Post

SCLS Greenville Office Court Appearances Exceed 500 in ’08!

Remember last month (click here) when I pondered whether SCLS Upstate would reach the elusive 500 total court appearances in 2008? They were really close with 490 in mid-December.

Well, they absolutely reached their goal of 500. Not only that, but they surpassed that number with a total of 508.

 508 Upstate South Carolinians living in poverty were represented in court by SCLS.

Here are the final monthly totals:

  •  25 in January
  • 49 in February
  • 46 in March
  • 35 in April
  • 47 in May
  • 34 in June
  • 39 in July
  • 45 in August
  • 50 in September
  • 40 in October
  • 29 in November
  • 42 in December

Impressive work Greenville office!

FACTOID: This number includes a variety of office members from their General Counsel to their summer law clerk who won a social security disability appeal hearing in July 2008.

Thanks for keeping us posted Greenville SCLS!



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