Spotlight on South Carolina Legal Services, Kimaka Nichols-Graham

SCLS: Middle School Experience Better for One Student



Spotlight on South Carolina Legal Services, Kimaka Nichols-Graham


Just last week, Ms. Nichols-Graham, a South Carolina Legal Services (SCLS) attorney, represented a middle school student (STUDENT) in Greenville County at an expulsion hearing. A classmate handed STUDENT a prescription pill. When STUDENT realized it was a pill STUDENT tried to hand it back to the classmate who gave it to her. The classmate refused to take back the pill.  Then STUDENT threw the pill in a garbage can.


STUDENT Background: STUDENT is an A-B student and has had no other discipline issues this school year.  STUDENT very much dislikes medication and when it’s necessary for STUDENT to take medication, parent must chop up pills for student to take them.


Ms. Nichols-Graham prevailed at the hearing. Congratulations Ms. Nichols-Graham and SCLS!


OF NOTE: Although Ms. Nichols-Graham won the hearing, she was concerned that other students would still not be safe from the threat of expulsion for “throwing pills away.” She noted that “there needs to be a safe way for students to turn in illegal drugs or weapons that they discover or don’t intend to accept because schools will be safer if innocent students do not have to hide extremely dangerous discoveries.”


What do you say South Carolina Policymakers? Any ideas?


FACTOID:  Ms. Nichols-Graham’s appearance at the expulsion hearing last week made the 490th court appearance for 2008 for the Greenville County South Carolina Legal Services office. Will they make the elusive 500 ‘total court appearances’ in 2008? Stay tuned.



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