Have you been a Victim of Identity Theft?


Identity Theft has become a common term in society these days. This is why the preceding story about the SCLS client is so important. It is heartening that entities exist to assist us when we become victims of this crime, but it made me wonder “Have you been the victim of identity theft?”

Last year a good friend of mine had her identity stolen. It has taken her almost the entire year to straighten out her credit. It was a complicated mess for her.

My brush with identity theft has been brief. Recently upon a review of credit card charges, my husband asked if I’d purchased anything from Mexico. I hadn’t. We immediately placed a call to our credit card company to dispute the charge. We will complete the necessary paperwork, the card in question was immediately destroyed (shredded at our house and placed out of circulation at the card company) and we were issued a new card and number. We were lucky.



PS – If you think you have been or may be the victim of Identity Theft, check out the following Online Resources:

One thought on “Have you been a Victim of Identity Theft?

  1. Regarding the couple who had a fraudulent purchase from Mexico on their credit card, can they be that naive to think that they have prevented their stolen identity info from being further exploited by just disputing a credit card charge? Did they stop and think how the thief got their credit card info in the first place and what other personal identity the same thief may have also stolen?

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