Former TX Supreme Court Justice: Legal Prof’ls are guardians of justice

Former Texas Supreme Court Justice Craig Enoch spoke at a luncheon on Wednesday. According to, he spoke about the role of legal professionals in upholding the rule of law and access to justice. Excerpts include:

  • “Administering or guarding the rules that keep the system of justice in place is a critical component of the job of any legal professional . . . as the Constitution is only superior because of the way it’s applied through due process, not simply because of the words our founders wrote.”
  • “[There is] the significant role legal professionals play in the lives of citizens whether settling disputes about car accidents or deciding whether a mother should be granted custody of her children.”
  • “To be in the legal profession then is to be a servant to others.”

Everyday justice.

Hmm. Nice Concept. Legal professionals working to bring about justice everyday for all.


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