H.E.L.P. is on the way for Columbia Area Homeless

The Richland County Bar Association, St. Lawrence Place, Midlands Interfaith Homeless Action Council, SC Cares and SC Appleseed Legal Justice Center are offering a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Seminar entitled “Legal Issues Affecting the Homeless in Support of the Columbia HELP Homeless Legal Clinic.”  The CLE will be held Friday October 3, 2008 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Nelson Mullins Columbia location. (CLE credit is pending.) To register, contact Norah Rogers at norah.rogers@nelsonmullins.com.

Project H.E.L.P.  also known as Homeless Experience Legal Protection is an initiative started by Judge Jay Zainey, U.S. District Judge for the Easter District of Louisiana. Project H.E.L.P. started in New Orleans to assist homeless people with maintaining identification documents and providing their service providers with certified copies. Following Hurricane Katrina, the project grew dramatically and has expanded to other cities including New York, Chicago, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Shreveport, and Savannah, as well as Columbia.

In Columbia, the project will begin a once-monthly morning clinic offering pro bono legal services and providing basic information about access to government benefits, identification documentation, housing, child custody, and other common legal issues affecting the homeless.

-RFW with thanks to Coleman Chambliss

7 thoughts on “H.E.L.P. is on the way for Columbia Area Homeless

  1. Yes, by all means, feel free to link to this or publish it in any way that will bring awareness to this issue. Thanks!

  2. you may not be able to help or this may not be the right place to put this. we are looking for a Dennis Wayne Hogsed.he has been missing for 5yrs. The last place known was columbia sc. we do know he was homeless. if you cannot help can you email how to go about finding him. thank you so much.

  3. our organization, a non profit thats preparing a program to support homeless veterans, some funders application request pictures along with authorization forms to be submited with their applications, my question is can we use pictures of homeless veterans that’s on the internet and how do we go about getting permission?


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