Day 1 – Court Solutions Conference: Self-Represented Litigation Solutions Track

Today marked the first day of the Court Solutions Conference re: self-represented litigants (SRLs). All South Carolina delegates made their flights and met up prior to the beginning of the conference.

Early into the conference, we heard terms that will likely be repeated – Change – Innovation – Improvement. Many may be perplexed with these terms used in conjunction with SRLs however as the conference continues, this should turn into an Aha moment (at least that’s the hope).

Although there are 15 modules to choose from, some innovative tracks are:

  • self help centers
  • redesigning courts
  • justice corps
  • ethical guidelines
  • plain language forms
  • case management
  • unbundled services
  • law library collaboration
  • limited English Proficiency
  • compliance issues

From Richard Zorza, when building our team plan, we should be:

  • visionary not ideological
  • practical and concrete not obsessive

Chief Judge Bell welcomed us to Baltimore, providing an overview of the rich history within Baltimore. He reminded us that the “the judiciary’s only power is to use its own good judgment, the good judgment built by the trust and confidence of the people it serves.”

Many other speakers shared innovations around the country as they spoke of projects and programs in their respective states or counties. I look forward to sharing the information as we learn it.

Thanks – RFW

(And as soon as I figure out how to upload my photos onto the laptop, I’ll share them with you.)

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